15 Addictive Games For Kids and Adults

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2022’s Top 15 Most Addicting Android Games: Are you tired of playing the same games over and over again? We introduce these brand new games that will boring you in a matter of seconds. Here are the greatest Android addictive games that you may not be aware of but will be unable to resist playing satta king once you do.

These games combine various features, such as excellent design and a distinct setting. If there’s one thing that sets them apart from the rest, it’s that they’re addicting. Sorry for the inconvenience to your batteries, but once you begin with one of these, you will be unable to stop. 2015’s most addicting Android games

1. The Curvy Road

Have you ever played Atari’s Frog? It’s one of the most addictive android games 2022. Crossy Road will transport you to your youth. This game maintains the same dynamic, but the 8-bit graphics conceal a 3D element. The best part is that you will be able to play online with up to four friends.

2. Color Change

Color Switch is a very basic but demanding game that may be found in many of the games on this list. You must travel with a ball that spans circles and other geometric forms in order to complete the game. To enter them, use the tap to match the color of the ball with the color of the edge of the shapes. 2016’s most addicting Android game

As you go through the levels, the number of forms available increases, as does the speed of the screens. It’s a bright and straightforward game, but it gets more complicated as the levels progress. It’s also completely free.

3. Super Hexagon apk is an addicting android game.

Super Hexagon is a craze-inducing game with a retro aesthetic. In this arcade game, you must obtain a light chip in order to escape polygon closures while increasing speed. This game is simple to play but exciting at the same time. Android’s most addictive games.

It is not recommended for people who have heart problems. It is a pay-to-play game. It costs $2.37 on Google Play, but it’s well worth it in my opinion. There are a few free versions of the game that aren’t even close to being comparable. Android games that are addicting.

4. Make a twist

Twist is a game in which you must pass a ball from one platform to the next while moving at maximum speed towards the front of the screen. If you don’t do it at the appropriate time, the ball will fall into the vacuum, and you will be lost. Android mobile games that are the most addictive.

It only has a single game mode that is both basic and difficult. The classic game in which you become lost if you catch the quiet. To me, it’s the worst of all I’ve been given.

5. Avoid tapping the white tile.

This game is modeled after a piano keyboard, only you can’t touch the black letters to create melodies. It’s a classic, and there are numerous variations available on Google Play. The game’s speed increases as we progress, and it has numerous modes, including Zen, Rush, batching, and the original mode, in which you must skip as many keys as possible at a given period. It is one of the most well-known Android games, although not everyone is aware of it.

Badland is number six on the list.

One of the most well-known and addictive games of the time. At the International Mobile Gaming Awards, Badland took home the game of the year title for 2014. However, many users are still unaware. You can’t get enough of this game, and it’s not only because of its dynamics. Which is similar to any other platform game, but stands apart due to its graphics and atmosphere.

The game takes place in a gloomy environment that is also beautiful, with perils interspersed with surreal sceneries. There are two modes of play: single player and multiplayer, which allows you to play with up to four others. It’s addicting, gorgeous, engaging, and necessary.

7. Forever Little Things

Little Things Forever is a game that drives you insane, yet you enjoy it. You will go through various levels in the game, where you must locate things that have linked together to make larger objects or animals. Quietly, you can zoom in to keep your eyes from wandering.

To pass a level, the game will tell you the sequence and number of objects of each type you must find. It also contains a clue system, so that if you can’t take it any longer and can’t find an object, the game will assist you.

8. My Birthday Cake Was Eaten By Monsters

Is there anything cooler than spitting a rainbow at your enemies? Most likely not. This cake-filled game is visually stunning and amusing. You control multiple characters, all of them are monsters (both good and bad), and you must guide them through levels, fleeing and murdering opponents while completing puzzles and puzzles.

It makes a fantastically ludicrous point. MAMBC is a genuine gem with a one-of-a-kind design in which you will lose track of time. The only drawback is that it costs $4.10, but it is well worth the money.

9. The Dark Cave: Hopeless

This game is not for the faint of heart, but it has a beautiful atmosphere. A scared lone gunman is alone in the middle of the night, surrounded by creatures from all sides. The terrifying expression on the gunman’s face is priceless. You must just tap the creatures to kill them, and you will have a variety of weapons to do so.

ten. Osmosis

We moved from being terrified to being relaxed. Osmos is a unique experience that is more than a game. You will merge with others and become a “galactic speck” in the center of space. The game’s mechanics are based on physics.

It features stunning images and music that will transport you to the serenity of space. It’s a combination of environmental experience and gameplay, but it’s easy to get carried away and hooked right away.

Minigore 2: Zombies (#11)

In this situation, there are no plants. In Minigore 2: Zombies, you play as a gunman tasked with fighting hordes of zombies. In the game, you must assist him or one of the other 20 characters in killing various varieties of zombies and monstrosities. There are up to 60 different enemy types. There are 300 levels in this game. Aside from its high level of addiction, the graphics and colors make this game a visual delight.

12. Pop Icon Song

We progressed from zombies to Britney Spears, which is the same case. Icon Pop Song is a game in which you must determine the song’s title or the name of the singer who performs it based on a few seconds of the chords. 2022 will be the year with the most addictive Android games ever.

This game is really addictive, and once you begin, you will not be able to stop playing until you reach the joyful music. If you enjoy international pop music, this is the game for you. It’s more difficult than it appears; I’ve stayed with the first song, but it’s well worth the effort, plus it’s free.

Angry Birds 2 is the thirteenth game in the Angry Birds series.

This list now includes Angry Birds 2. Following the opening of the nearly addictive games category at the time.

Its second portion has a significant graphic upgrade as well as up to 240 levels. There are also dozens of new characters. Another new feature is that you can now choose whatever bird you wish to play in each phase, whereas previously they were all pre-determined. If you were ever addicted to Angry Birds, you must at least try the second half. It is available for free download from Google Play.

The Nightmare cooperative is number fourteen.

Another game in which you are left speechless and with no time to live. From the first screen, you will be captivated by its minimal music, elegance, retro graphics, atmosphere, and design. It’s a 10-move strategic puzzle game with a cast of gothic characters without waste, each with unique abilities. You may play with multiple characters at once, and we think it’s well worth the $3.59 price tag.

Microtrip #15

Microtip is another another captivating game that will make you forget about your issues in a matter of seconds. This is an arcade game that takes place within a person’s body. The objective is straightforward: enter the body as far as possible. You transform into a type of cell that penetrates the body and must contend with germs and other pathogens. You must reach as far as possible without harming yourself, and you can aid by consuming white cells to boost your resistance.