Command Line Interface Guide For Fitbit Development

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The interface is a substitute for using Fitbit Studio to construct clock and Fitbit OS programs faces. It’s appropriate for Windows, mac os and Linux, plus it allows developers to develop and install projects employing their version management program that is favorite, and together with their code editors.

The CLI tools have been included of this toolchain necessary to create programs and clock faces, along with also an interactive shell which makes it possible for programmers to execute controls to build, install, along with screen-shot. The casing also provides games build output logs, also logs, exactly like we now provide in Fitbit Studio.

Logging and Setup is managed via precisely exactly the programmer bridge. Join the mobile phone your Fitbit OS apparatus, and also the simulator and you are prepared to proceed.

Note: Since the Fitbit shell joins and authenticates via the programmer bridge, you want an online connection to make utilize of programs to be installed by the Fitbit casing onto the simulation or your apparatus.

Starting with the CLI

When you have not already assembled a program utilizing the Fitbit OS SDK, then you’re going to want to start out with your overall starting out guide. This covers things that are crucial like apparatus installation and also user accounts.

The CLI tools are designed using technologies that will can make sure they are harmonious with Windows * mac os and Linux systems.

Decision excludes Windows Sub System for Linux

Pre Requisites

X on Linux, Windows or macOS.

Establishing a New Project

When you have installed the requirements, you may make a job by executing only control. This will put in the Fitbit toolchain and casing simply take you to build the scaffolding required for an app or clockface.

If you would like to upgrade a present endeavor to do the job well with the CLI tools, first you ought to export your job from Fitbit Studio, then utilize it.

Next, You Will Need to edit the following dependencies include and document:

Notice: The aforementioned version amounts are illustrations, you can always find the latest variants of SDK along with SDK-CLI available on npm:

Then run:

Installing and building Your Job

When you have established your new job, or included the dependencies into a present job, you are able to build and then install your undertaking.

npx fitbit-build
Npx fitbit
fitbit$ installment
You May Also reconstruct from Inside the Fitbit casing:

To spare time whenever you are employing the Fitbit shell, then you can conduct just one control build-and-install or even B I for the short.

The very first time you run the build command you will be motivated to produce the default build script, then answer Yes.

Sourcecode Editors

Many tools like Microsoft VSCode let you conduct a terminal casing directly over the editor, which means it is simple to execute the build and put in controls, and view logs before leaving the editor.

VSCode also lets you easily execute the default task for your own undertaking, as defined from the package.json file.

Source Control With Github

The CLI tools permit one to make utilize of your favorite version management platform, such as for example for instance Git. By simply making use of an internet-based Git hosting agency such as Github, you’re able to preserve the complete history of these changes on your endeavor, and also readily share your Fitbit OS endeavors with colleagues, friends, and sometimes make it an available resource for everybody to profit from.

The Fitbit company along with OSS repository on Github comprise a high numbers of opensource projects that can readily be cloned to make use of since the starting place for a fresh job.

This example assumes that you linked Git together along with your accounts, and you’ve installed and configured Git. It’s possible to have a look at this tutorial out of Hubspot if you are unsure how exactly to utilize Git along with Github.

For cloning a Present job the workflow is as follows:

We recommend editing your package.json document and alter your @fitbit/ / sdk dependence therefore the sdkVersion of one’s endeavor is still exactly the same, if you don’t opt to upgrade it. Only add a ~ ahead of the version number.

Notice: You just have to create a brand new unique identifier (generate-appid) therefore your brand new job doesn’t struggle with a present job from the Fitbit Program Gallery Manager, an average of that is if you should be cloning a second undertaking.

If you should be committing your job to Github, make a .gitignore document to exclude both the /build along with /node_modules folders, and you likewise do not include any confidential info such as API keys.

Verify .gitignore document:

Using NPM Modules

We understand very well what you are believing, npm bundles would get my job amazing! Yes, however, in reality, these devices capacities and memory limits would nevertheless constrain you.

Imported modules serve a function, and needs to be small. They should be packed as modules that were ES6 that any code might be excluded.

The company is resource and that means you are very most likely to own a better results.

Be mindful that numerous existing npm packs are made specifically for usage from the browser, or even node.js, however, Fitbit OS can be not the same platforms and platforms might not act as planned, cause build failures, if not wreck your application startup.

We’re supporting programmers to construct modules for clock faces and Fitbit OS programs – cmd ultimate guide. Should you make any modules you may love to talk to the city, please make utilize of the exact identical package keyword, and do not forget to let us understand on Twitter or even Discord. Only at that moment CSS/SVG, as well as tools, aren’t supported.