Have You Heard Of SawStop Table Saw?

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The saw blade includes a modest electric signal that tracks and finds skin touch with the blade, so that the signal while within the blade varies as the body is not perceptible. Once the signal varies, the saw triggers a system that’s a spring loaded, aluminum brake that invisibly to the blade.

Following an activation that the saw should be flashed. That is attained by substituting the saw blade and also SawStop brake cartridge. The procedure takes approximately 5 minutes. It’s a tool that you just will not find on any other review sites, even not on sawguru.com, that has a lot of great tool reviews.

Shifting the blade is just as straightforward. A squeeze located behind the hand-wheel immediately, grip and accomplishes your preferred angle in 1° increments. The bevel locks and stops in place the lever. A micro adjust knob gives one to fine tune your tilt a qualification.

There’s a power button which controls the electronic equipment to your saw after which the launch . Between both buttons are both red and green LED indicator lights.

The LED indicator lights provide up to 12 distinct requirements, and also a quick mention, each of weather tag is mounted on the medial side of this saw, beside the switch for fast reference. In addition, is actually a color coded guide along with guidelines in addition to the saw accessory Shop.

SawStop likewise supplies a premium excellent moisture-resistant User Guide that stores in the attachment drawer so that you also have use of it to get cartridge and codes details.

The weapon is really just a T-Style Fence, that self-squares when secured into place. Even the”ErgoLock” rocker mill switch lever can be found on the very cover of the fence along with guards and unlocks the weapon. We now saw is fast and easy to utilize.

A reddish knob in addition to the fencing expands a support-shelf if needed to encourage material. This shelf will be retracted while the fence has ended dining table expansion or the desk.

SawStop Table Extension

The SawStop job-site Saw includes a cleverly-designed dining table extension for ripping wider planks. Even a”flip-up,” discharge lever on front part of the saw lets you slide the ideal side dining table. The dining table rides rails and slides for a optimum tear cut of 25-1/2″ from this blade.

The diameter of this cut is displayed by the red index line. While the table has been retracted, the scale can be used right for as soon as the dining table expansion railings are very extended and the amount is.

Blade Guard

The SawStop job-site Saw is sold with a tool-free, riving knife, and low profile blade poly-carbonate shield which raises reliability and protects against kick backs. A lever immediately enables one to switch between your micro shield and the 2.3 millimeter thick, riving knife.

We have been fans of all plastic blade guards although the SawStop protector was created slightly unique. These wings allow it to be a lot simpler to lift a section to assess the fence and shined if we were cutting a bevel.

The blade shield spreader plus riving knife have been intended to be utilized in combination with 10-inch blades having a kerf between 2.35 mm and 3.5 millimeter, and a sword frame of 1.8 mm and 2.1 mm.

Insert Plate

Found underneath the sliding extension is an attachment storage basket. We really enjoy this collection up and so were impressed with all the distance and invention usage. The drawer conveniently stores the shield knife, miter gauge sensor capsule, tools and user guide.

The weapon slides to a storage holster on the ideal side of this saw and also locks nicely. Holster can be really actually just a power strand wrap. The push rod fastened with way of a clamp and pole mechanism in place and is stored in this locale. We found the push location embarrassing and wound up leaving out it. A location is on the fencing.

In the saw cabinet there’s just really a blade shroud which covers 75 percent of this blade and also sends sawdust out. This shroud is cleaning dust out and hinged in 2 different locations. Magnets fasten the shrouds in place.

When attached to your vacuum that the saw accumulated dust well. If not attached to your vacuum that the shroud as well as the grid at the bottom of this saw accumulated a whole lot of dust and eventually become obstructed. It had been challenging to remove and we believed whether the huge sawdust buildup [heat could alter the saw brake detector or electronic equipment.

SawStop advises that you make employ of a typical size 10-inch saw blade or a 8″ dado set around 13/16″ max. The saw won’t start unless your 10-inch 8 or blade” dado with the suitable dado cartridge is added. Blades, for example thick or thin blades can lead to damage or harm the saw.

After Activation

As a way to accomplish SawStop security you need to buy a dado cartridge. This capsule is wider and taller to match from both” gap to the briefer dado blade. A dado insert can be offered.

The saw mounts into really a fine pedal-activated lock discharge. We enjoyed the way this rack was supposed to fold and open. 1 press and also the stand that is built unfolds out of a streamlined storage location to cutting style.

We discover that all the even 8″ wheels appear to be a sweet spot for residential project site maneuverability.

Employing the Saw

Clearly the BIG DRAW for purchasing and working with this saw in the event the security system.

We ripped PVC vinyl, walnut, walnut floors and molding. The crew consented that without the security system it has been a good quality, yet powerful, superior machine using capabilities. The saw never triggered or has been activated.

We found that the saw weapon simple to correct, together with exemplary parallelism with this blade. We had some fencing alignment difficulties, since you’re able to bulge out the fence, but we reasoned it to having to take good caution when minding sheet stuff. Fixing the saw blade parallel proved to be speedy and simple to perform, unlike other saws.

The blade elevation hand-wheel would be your best and fastest I have ever seen along with also my favorite feature with this saw, following the security system.


That really is a superior saw and that there really isn’t just really a whole great deal to ding it all on. I had been annoyed with all the sawdust develop at the grid, then located at the bottom of this saw. I want to find a simpler way to wash out this.

Also, because of its total cost of this saw it will include a 2nd brake cartridge therefore users may endure work should they undergo an activation because of conductive substances.

The skip override key can be really actually just a inexpensive plastic tab and also the something which people fear can fall out or become lost. We’d love to find this lock-key design.

We’re interested in the event the saw at the torrential pouring rain could trigger the brake with this saw. We then tucked away a plank at a bucket of water, and misted the blade together with water. Cutting this timber failed to trigger the brake. A number of the planks analyzed 30% wet onto top.

Clearly, this type of case by case basis on perhaps the brake will trigger. There are always certainly a whole good deal of factors such like; timber grain, wood species, even in the event the rain simply wets the timber surface or whether or not it adheres deep to the timber, etc..

Pressure treated timber DID and failed to put the saw. PT wood may comprise pesticides. Wood with ice it failed to place the saw. We wet a plank and placed this into the freezer to find out whether the ice could trigger the saw.

Those things which analyzed for conductivity which place the saw were PT timber, foil insulation and also a sausage.

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