List Of 27 Different Bar Glass Types

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Serving tables and drinking was a passion of mine back in college. I learned a lot about fine dining, bar service, and the various types of glasses (beer glasses, wine glasses, and glasses in general).

It was overwhelming at first, but I soon figured out which drink went in which glass. This was a fun skill that I learned and is now useful for our bar service at dinner parties.

This article outlines the options for bar glasses, as well as their features and styles. I pulled out my past serving experiences.


Used to serve drinks without any ice, this classic glass has a cone bowl that has been inverted. Although they can hold six ounces of liquid, it is possible to purchase smaller glasses. The mouth of the glass is large enough to allow you to get close to your drink. This will allow you to inhale the aromas and truly enjoy your beverage.

Highball glasses can be used for mixed drinks and cocktails. They are wider and more compact than Collins glasses, but taller and longer than Old Fashioned glasses. These glasses can hold between 8-12 ounces of liquid. They are best for mixed drinks with more mixer than alcohol.


These glasses were originally used to serve the Zombie drink. They are still very popular because of how straight they are and how stylish. The glass can be as tall as 7 inches and is more tall than most other options. Clear or frosted, they will show off the beauty of the drink’s unique colors. They can hold approximately 13.5 ounces of liquid due to their larger size.


They average 12 ounces of capacity but some can hold up to 14. These glasses are cylindrical in shape and made from regular or frosted glass. Although you can use a Highball in an emergency, it is better to have the right glass to serve your drinks.

This tall, thin glass can be used for many drinks but is most commonly used for Long Island Ice Teas. Because they have a smaller foot at the bottom, they are easier to tip over than other glasses. They are slim and easy to hold.

Irish Coffee

This glass is ideal for warm beverages. They have small handles and are heat resistant. This allows you to easily drink your beverage, without worrying about burning your hands. These glasses have a flared opening that allows for the foam to form on top.

Old Fashioned

These glasses are also known as “lowball” glasses. They have a solid base and can be used to hold drinks. These glasses are more stable than the Highball glass and they feel squatter. These glasses are also used by people who drink their liquor straight. They love that they can be held in many different ways and not worry about spilling or dropping their drink.

This glass can be used for all types of cocktails, as well as straight liquor on ice. They are smaller than regular glasses but have enough to hold onto so there is no chance of dropping your drink. They are large enough to hold plenty of ice, so the drink will stay cold for a long time. You can smell and enjoy your beverage thanks to the large opening at the top.


This glass is versatile and can be used in many ways. The glass does not have a stem so the beverage will heat more. However, the glass’s curve ensures that the drink tastes and smells great. The flat bottomed glass is ideal for most purposes. Although it is possible to get one with a smaller opening on the top, a wide-mouthed glass will allow the drinker to really enjoy their beverage.


The serving sizes have increased and so have martini glasses. These glasses are very similar to basic cocktail glasses, but the bowl is larger and more conical at its bottom. You can also have stems in many different designs, just like margarita glasses. There’s something for everyone, from classic to quirky.


This glass is a variation of a cocktail glasses and is used traditionally to serve margaritas. You can choose from a variety of sizes, including small and fishbowl. You can choose from straight, curvy, or zigzag stems to match your other glasses and decorations. A set of glasses can make Margaritas even more fun.


This is a familiar shape glass. It is named after hurricane-shaped glasses. This glass is a staple in New Orleans and adds flair to any bar.

Poco Grande

The poco grande is similar to a hurricane glasses, but it has a longer stem which makes the drink stand up a bit higher. This glass is great for displaying beautiful drinks and can be used to hold cold or mixed drinks. The warmth of the hand will not affect the quality. It has a flatter bottom and a smaller mouth than other bar glasses and makes a great addition to any home bar.


This glass is also known as the Delmonico glass. It is almost like a small champagne flute, with a stem and a large opening. It holds approximately 5 ounces and is used to serve whiskey sours or other sour beverages. It directs the aroma and flavor of the beverage directly to the nostrils of the individual who is drinking it. It can be hard to find them so a smaller champagne glasses is an excellent substitute.


These glasses are retro-cool in every way. If you’ve ever had a milkshake from a soda fountain, then these glasses are a must-have. These glasses have a distinctive shape. They are wide enough to fit in the mouth, and they have gently curved sides. The foot is large and heavy. This is so that the drink doesn’t spill and the user can stir it with a straw.


The long-stemmed glass is a tall, narrow, and wide bowl. This gives the drink a retro feel. These glasses are used to serve cocktails such as Side Car, Martinez, or Aviation. Because they are so shallow and heavy, they can be difficult to drink from. However, they add glamour to your drink. Many people believe that it is worth the effort.


The brandy snifters are designed to enhance the enjoyment of any brandy. Their classic shape is easy to recognize and will not be replaced by anything. To ensure the best drinking experience, it is important to use high-quality brandy snifters. A good mouth shape and size will make drinking more enjoyable.


This glass is ideal if you are looking for a modern version of a brandy or brandy snifter. They are contemporary and look great at any home bar and rely on their wide mouth to help intensify the flavor of the beverage. If you’re not careful, it can be difficult to keep the glass from tipping over. However, properly designed wobble glasses are strong enough to keep this from happening. These glasses are fun to serve drinks and will encourage conversation among guests.


These glasses are made to capture the scent and flavor of the drink. They are best used for drinking straight whiskey. The bottom is wider than the top and can sometimes flare out slightly to allow the scent to escape the glass. They are strong enough and heavy enough to not be as fragile as other glasses. They are not as susceptible to being broken as other types of glasses.

Pousse Cafe

This glass is perfect for layering drinks. It is easy to layer drinks with ease thanks to the gentle curve at the bottom. These glasses are small and usually hold less than 4 ounces. These glasses are great for layering drinks and can also be used to serve liqueur. These glasses are also ideal for serving liqueur because they have a longer stem. The glass’s attractive shape and design only enhance the drink’s attractiveness, especially when it is layered. The layers are separated and can be clearly seen by careful pouring.


Holding only 2 ounces, this is a very small glass but still a great one to have in any bar. It is similar to the Pousse Cafe and can hold and display layered drinks well. This is because most people won’t want too many sweet drinks after eating a big meal. Although cordials can be served in different glasses, such as brandy snifters or other glasses, these glasses are made to deliver the best flavor.


Grappa glasses were named after the drink they were made to hold. Grappa is a fragrant beverage that is sensitive to temperature changes. The glasses have a long stem because of this. The bowl is very small and narrow, opening with a dramatic flair. This not only looks great but also allows the drinker to fully enjoy the aroma of their beverage. This glass is the best for grappa lovers. Its unique shape allows it to perfectly capture the aroma and flavor of grappa and allow the drinker to enjoy it fully. Grappa will be less enjoyable if you use a different glass.


These glasses are great for holding sweet liqueur and can be used to serve it. These small glasses can hold a large amount of liqueur, which is why most people won’t want to consume too much. The glasses have a large, flared opening that allows drinkers to touch the beverage’s surface and intensify the aroma. Some liqueur glasses can break easily, and some are delicate. Thicker glasses will produce a more appealing drink.

These glasses are used primarily for drinking liquor shots. They are usually shorter than the rest and more narrow. There are some that are more conical, while others are straight-sided cylinders. You can find them in many styles and designs and they are often taken with you on trips as souvenirs. They can be stored in a cupboard or on the bars until needed. Because they can be used quickly, there is no need to use a long stem to preserve the taste and aroma of the drink.

Shooter glasses may be slightly taller than shot glasses. Shot glasses can only hold one shot of alcohol. Shooter glasses, however, are large enough for multiple shots. These glasses are ideal for custom mixed drinks, which can be consumed quickly. These glasses can also be used for double and triple shots. This makes it harder to drink all the liquid at once but can be a fun way to enjoy a drink.

There are a wide variety of wine glasses for different types of wines. There are many wine glasses available for dessert, red and white wines.

We have created a dedicated article that lists and describes all types of wine glasses.

Beer Glasses

There are even more different types of beer glasses than wine glasses.

This extensive guide to beer glasses lists every type and includes photos.

D. Bar Glass Materials


Acrylic glasses have advanced significantly in recent years. Acrylic glasses are no longer fragile and break easily. They are sturdy pieces of drinkware that will enhance the enjoyment of your drinks. You can choose from a variety of colors and they aren’t nearly as easy as glass to break.


Copper cups can be used for health reasons, while others simply love the look of them. There are many amazing copper glasses available, no matter which camp you fall under. They can be used to accent or make your entire collection copper.


These glasses are made from strong, clear plastic and will not shatter or crack if dropped, here you can find plastic champagne flutes. They can also be washed in the dishwasher and will not discolor with age.


Crystal glasses are more likely to break than other glasses. However, they feel heavier than most glasses and look more elegant than others.


Glass is a great material choice if you like the look of crystal, but don’t want to pay the high price. Although it’s not as strong as polycarbonate but still beautiful, it is a good option for those looking for glasses that are durable and will last for a long time.

Pewter and Stainless Steel

You may feel a slight tang depending on the drink you’re drinking. Even if your drink is not acidic, these glasses may be something you enjoy.

E. Features

Dishwasher Safe

There is nothing more frustrating than washing all the dishes and glasses after a party. Bar glasses that are dishwasher safe can be avoided. They can be thrown in the dishwasher to be cleaned. Even the most exquisite and expensive glasses can now be washed in the dishwasher.

When you buy glasses in a set, you won’t have any worries about matching. It ensures consistency across the dinner party and looks great. Some people prefer to have a variety of glasses so they can mix and match, but if you want something more consistent, you should buy your glasses in a set.


Personalized glasses are a great gift idea or way to show family pride. Personalization makes these glasses more unique than regular glasses. It will make your drinking experience better.

Some prefer their glasses plain, so the drink speaks for itself. Others like to decorate their glasses. There are many options for decorations. You can choose from animal or witty sayings.


You will need to ensure that crystal glasses are lead-free if you plan to drink from them. You and your guests will be completely safe using the glasses. These glasses are beautiful and you don’t need to compromise on quality.

Hand-blown glasses can have small imperfections but these are beautiful and add to their visual appeal. Hand-made drinkware is a high-quality product that has been carefully crafted. Each piece is handmade and will last a lifetime.

Sake Set

If you want to really enjoy drinking Sake, then you will need a set of glasses and a pitcher. You don’t want to make a whole set of cups, but you want them to match perfectly. A set will include both the pitcher as well as enough cups.

F. Style


Modern barware will catch your attention. It is as functional as traditional glasses, but it will have a fun twist. To draw attention and stand out from the rest, your glass might have bubbles, swirls, or sparkles.


Modern bar glasses will look great with your new decor. These glasses are strong and have sharp angles. They are also designed to be attractive and functional. Modern pieces will spark conversation with guests, no matter who they are.


Bar glasses are fun to look at, buy, and then drink from. With the option of having feet, funny sayings, or beautiful artwork on the sides, you can create a set of bar glasses that truly reflect your personality. These glasses are great for adding spice to your bar or keeping things interesting while you entertain guests over with a drink.


Traditional glasses look beautiful and timeless and can be used for any occasion. Traditional glasses are great for any occasion, whether it’s a dinner party with the whole family or a casual evening on the back porch with your spouse. They are timeless and can be used for any occasion.


Bar glasses made from industrial materials are functional, simple, yet strong, and feature fun materials. Glass is a smart choice as most people prefer glass to other materials. However, you have the freedom to create great industrial-style bar glasses. You can mix and match this style, so make sure to look for steel and copper options.


These glasses are perfect for a day at the beach. You will feel one with the sea when you sip from them. You can find beach glasses with fish and mermaids on them. However, there are many other styles that are equally beachy and beautiful. These glasses will come in seafoam, turquoise, or other blues and will be delicate and light. You will feel like you are on vacation at the beach every day, even though you have to use them a lot.


These bar glasses are simple and elegant. They are more simple than many other glasses but still look great in a bar. Because they are so simple, many people love them.

Just as Craftsman furniture is easy to pick out due to its quality, fine lines, and dedication to detail, these bar glasses are sure to stand out from others that you may have. These glasses are perfect for any occasion and can be incorporated into the bar’s theme. One of the most stunning is the flight glasses that are served on beautiful planks made of wood. This drink will be a lasting memory because the color of the beverage inside will complement the grain of the wood.


You’ll find bright, fun, and colorful bar glasses that are both fun to drink from and enjoyable to use. These glasses are beautiful, with vibrant colors and lots of contrast. They also often have intricate designs inscribed into them.


You might be able to buy fun farmhouse glasses for your bar if you live in a country farmhouse. These glasses are as fun as they are functional and can be used to match the decor and theme of your home. If you are looking for farmhouse barware, make sure they are sturdy and won’t break or crack if dropped too often. These bar glasses are sturdy, reliable, and durable.


Mid-century bar glasses look stunning when placed on a table with hairpin legs. They will bring back memories of past times and make your table stand out. These glasses can add an elegant touch to any meal.


You will need something that reminds you of your trip west. These glasses have classic lines and are easy to wear. However, they often come with beautiful designs. To spice up your collection, you can buy a few or search for matching glasses.


There is no reason to live each day as if it were a vacation. Tropical glasses will add a little bit of wild flair and fun to your bar. You should be cautious when selecting your glasses as they can sometimes look a bit too mid-century. You can buy them painted with flamingoes and ferns. But if you prefer a more subtle look, you should search for glasses that have the design in the glass.


Rustic bar glasses make you feel more at home and comfortable. These glasses often have nature-inspired designs and will make it feel like you’re at a cabin retreat while you drink from them. After a hard day of hiking, enjoy a hot drink from one of these glasses next to the fire.

Transitional glasses are a mix of traditional and modern bar glasses. These glasses are strong and elegant with great attention to detail. As well as metal accents, blowing techniques that produce bubbles, raised dots, lines and swirls are all common.


Victorian bar glasses are the most expensive. These glasses are a show-stopper and will impress anyone who sees them. These glasses are distinguished by their mix of metal and glass, as well as intricate carvings and designs in gold. They make every drink taste and look amazing.

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