Sega Toys Homestar Flux Review

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  • Brand: Sega Toys
  • Size ca. 6.34 inches x 6.26 in x 5.94in
  • Weight: round 21.9 ounces
  • Lighting: white LEDs with a power of five Watt
  • 2 discs with 60,000+ star inclusive
  • Instruction in English and German
  • Projection Screen: Circle about 9.5 ft
  • Guarantee 2 Years
  • Available from 6 years of age

The Homestar Flux is the newest home planetarium from Sega Toys. It is the successor of the Homestar Original and is said to be the most advanced model on the market. Whether it is, I will try to find out in the following review. Moreover, I will tell you whether the increased price is justified in comparison to the predecessor.

I tested the device. To give you a realistic impression of the room, I have taken pictures showing my steps.

First, let me tell you that Flux was provided to me as a free test product by the manufacturer. However, I was objective in my approach to the test and evaluated the planetarium with as much honesty as possible.


Delivery scope

The delivery includes everything that you need for your home planetarium. This box is very stylish and contains the Homestar Flux poster, instructions manual, two-star disks, a USB Cable, and a Power Supply Unit.

The Homestar Original has a lens cover, but the planetarium doesn’t. Instead, the posters show more stars ( 10,000,000 versus 3 million). A new feature is the ability to obtain power via USB using a power bank, or via the provided connection.



Two to three minutes is all that’s required to commission the device. You will first need to insert one of the star discs. You will need to remove the flap from the front, then insert it again.

You will also need to connect the room’s planetarium to a power source by connecting the cable. After flipping the power switch and placing the unit, adjust the sharpness to enjoy starry skies.


At first glance, the functionality is identical to its predecessors or other planetariums. Even the exterior is almost identical to the Homestar original in terms of the shape and buttons.

It has the same buttons as its predecessor, and the buttons are laid out in the same manner. You can easily switch the device on or off using a switch. A timer is also available. These allow you to set the planetarium so that it turns off automatically after 15 minutes, 30, or 60 minutes. You can even watch the stars from your bed as you fall asleep.

You can also use another button to turn the starry skies north or south. The sound background of the motor is not as noticeable as in the previous model. You can also use the shooting star function. This function has been slightly enhanced and looks better. The buttons are all illuminated so that you can see which function is active, even when it’s dark.

However, the 5-watt lamp combined with the lenses made from optical glass makes a big difference in terms of functionality. This type of lighting makes the starry sky visible even in dark rooms, or if the Best Star Projector is only a few meters from the ceiling.

A minimal focus adjustment via the focus wheel will be required, as the projection is almost always extremely sharp. Flux has a slightly wider projection.

This way, it is possible to create a clear, realistic representation, unlike any other home planetarium I have tested. The Homestar Original was able to outperform in this category.

Additional discs can also be ordered online. You can also project more than the starry skies. The whole thing will be explained in greater detail below.


The packaging shows how high-quality Homestar Flux is. The solid white box with silver print looks great. It is also protected by a cover, just like you would from books.

The device makes a great impression on me. It is mainly made of plastic but it has a high weight and is stable. The metal feet are the best way to ensure this. I also couldn’t detect any mistakes in the process. The matt color makes the planetarium look great. However, fingerprints and dust can be quickly identified.


You can reach the manufacturer by email or phone. Sega Toys has been in touch with me several times. I received a prompt answer, which helped answer my questions.

You usually get a 14-day return policy in Germany if you order your device online. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty for the planetarium. My experience is not necessary as I haven’t had any issues with my predecessors in 3 years.

Price Performance

The Homestar Flux is a very expensive home planetarium. It is therefore much more expensive than its predecessor, which was relatively costly.

The price/performance ratio is still good. This is because I have never seen better in-home globalism. Other factors such as product quality, delivery scope, and accuracy are also accurate.


  • More than 60,000 stars per disk, far greater than other devices
  • Most realistic representation of the starry night in the test
  • It is easy to use
  • Große Large Projector Screen
  • Very high-quality material
  • Performance and price should be in a good relationship
  • strong 5 Watt LED
  • smart design in matt black
  • in the dark usable
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • adequate guarantee period (full two years)
  • You can use different power sources (socket or power bank, etc.).
  • Different projections are available by purchase additional discs


  • star images with caption
  • One of the most expensive planetariums in the world

Enclosure by Sega Toys – Home star system Homestar Flux

Sega Toys claims that the Homestar Flux is the most advanced model. I was impressed by the many features, the high quality, and the extensive range of accessories that it came with. It also has the best representation of the starry sky. It is, therefore, my clear choice despite the high price.

The Flux has changed my mind about the Homestar original. Anyone unable to decide between the two devices can I recommend that he spend a bit more on the more expensive model.

The Homestar Flux in video comparison to the Homestar Original

This video shows the Homestar Flux compared to its predecessor, Homestar Original. The increased cost of the Homestar Flux compared to its predecessor is also debated. The video was uploaded by an English YouTuber. You should be able to understand English if you wish to view it.

Home Planetarium Expansion Discs Homestar Flux

There are additional discs that can be purchased online, in addition to the two discs included. For testing purposes, two additional discs were included: the Sky Disc Aurora Borealis (and the Scenic Disc Taiga).

Sky Discs can be used in the same way as the supplied discs. They show the sky in a specific form. The Aurora Borealis is an example of Auroras that occur when the magnetosphere on the earth is disturbed.

The Scenic Discs is a new kind of disc. These discs were created for the Homestar Flux. The taiga, for example, projects look like you are looking out of a boreal forest out.

This creates a magical atmosphere. It was almost as if I was looking at the sky from a tree. This is how stunning the entire thing looks. The full effect is only possible when the rotary switch is turned on. I love the freedom to combine the Sky and Scenic Discs.