Websites That Offer Mold Removal Services

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A customer searching for mold removal companies is likely to have an emergency. They won’t spend too much time looking for a company online. They’ll likely choose the business with an appealing website and reasonable prices. You don’t have much time to grab customers’ attention so you need a website that is attractive and hooks them instantly. These are just a few examples of visually appealing mold removal websites.

Our ranking of the top 2020 mold removal websites

First to Respond

First To Respond welcomes visitors with a simple gray-and-white layout. To emphasize important information such as the “Free Estimate” or “Schedule an appointment” buttons, yellow accents are used on this site.

Scope Clean

Scope Clear begins with a full-color photo of a large, elegant home. The viewers are given the impression that their homes can look like this if the mold is removed. You will find the phone number and “Contact Us” button in the top bar.

Mold Solutions

Mold Solution uses bold text with short blurbs to convey important information. The front page contains a phone number, contact links, and a brief description. Users can also request a free assessment. This adds value to the company’s services.

Rapid Response Mold

Rapid Respond Mold Testing displays their locations prominently in the top bar. This allows browsers to quickly identify which areas they cover. A picture of an employee testing a building is also featured on the site. This suggests that the company has real-world experience and knows what to do.

Pyramid Restoration

Pyramid Restoration welcomes visitors with an open chatbox. This allows them to leave their number and name for a free inspection. This makes it easy for the business to attract customers that might not otherwise be interested. In the bottom-left corner, you will see the 5-star Google Reviews rating of the company.

J and A Environmental Services

J offers a white, clean image of modern living space. This gives the impression that homeowners could have their homes as clean and beautiful as this company. In bold black letters, the site features the phone numbers of the company.

Precision Mold Removal

Precision Mold Removing includes a picture featuring two of their employees to make them more relatable. Their company is also distinguished by a clear and easy-to-read list of benefits. A FAQs section is also featured on the site’s front page.

Pure maintenance

Pure Maintenance shows users that they are concerned about mold. To provide more information about the company’s services, the site features attractive icons and brief blurbs of text. Scrolling down will reveal a list of possible signs that mold remediation might be present in your home.

Priority Restoration

Priority Repair makes certain assets stand out against a gray background using an appealing red-and-yellow gradient. A pop-up box invites users to call for a free estimate. This can be a great way to entice casual visitors.

Abate Restoration

Abate Recovery begins with a photo of a flooded room. This gives customers an indication that they deal with these types of problems. Scrolling further down will reveal dynamic blocks of content that contain full-color images and links to the service pages. This provides a quick overview of the issues the company deals with.

New York Mold Specialist

New York Mold Specialist shows pictures of employees who use state-of-the-art technology to find mold in clients’ homes. Customers can also find the contact information for the company in the top bar, so they don’t have to scroll through the content.

Air Quality Express

Air Quality Express mentions that they have an emergency hotline available 24 hours a day, which makes this business more appealing to those who need it. You can also see a list of current discounts on their services. This makes the company more attractive to those who are on a tight budget.

ProTech Water Damage

ProTech Water Damage invites users to initiate a live chat by clicking on the button at the bottom-right corner. This allows people to ask their questions without having to call the hotline. You can also get a free estimate from the site.

Rocky Mountain Restoration

Rocky Mountain Restoration stands apart from its competitors with a distinctive black-and-white layout and red accents. This site features a number of unique features that show why they are better than their competitors. You can also find a map that shows the locations they service.

Superior Mold Removal

Superior Mold Removing has a form on its front page that allows users to sign up for a complimentary estimate. A FAQ section answers common questions. The phone number can be found in large print at top of the page when you’re ready to call.

Mold Masters

Mold Masters has customer reviews so potential clients can see what others in their area have to say. It also lists awards and certifications that make the company look more established and professional in its locality.

Green Planet Restoration

Green Planet Restoration welcomes visitors with a form that allows them to request a free estimate. It also tells users that they can reach the company 24 hours a day, so you will get a prompt response. The address of the company is located in the footer.

ProCare Restoration

ProCare Recovery uses a dynamic list. People can click on each service to find out more. The list also includes a collection of “before”-and “after” photos that will give readers an idea about what to expect from the company. Scroll down to find an exclusive discount for new customers.

Green Star Eco Services

Green Star Eco Services has a footer that features social media icons. This allows customers to keep in touch with the company. One of the employees hosts informative videos on the site. You can access the service pages by clicking the drop-down menu in the header.

Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions uses green to encourage people to think about fresh air and health. A clear, full-color diagram on the site explains to customers what causes mold growth. A video about the charity work of the company is also available.

These websites can be used as inspiration to create a website that is clear and high-quality, which will help you set your mold removal business apart from the rest.

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