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About Us

BestAds was born of an absolute love of the art of the television commercial. When they’re good, they can be very very good. Commercials feature some of the best writing, directing and acting on television. But, too often, when the sale ends or the season changes, these wonderful works of art are gone forever.

That just won’t do.

BestAds hopes to give you a second chance to see some favorite ads and a look at some things you may have missed. BestAds is presented from a consumer viewpoint. We strive to function as a promotion partner to the manufacturers and service providers whose advertisements you see here. It is our firm belief that great ads come from great companies. If you like an ad, chances are very good that you’ll like the product too.

We’ll focus here on the humorous and the visual and the unusual. Those are the best ads to which this site is dedicated.